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Founded in 2017, Fellsway Group is comprised of experienced business leaders and cyber risk industry veterans whose mission is to help our clients drive cyber resilience in support of critical business objectives.


Fellsway Group’s mission is to help organizations become more resilient through cyber program planning, development, and management services and solutions.


Driving Cyber Resilience Requires Several Key Characteristics:

Establishing Clear Ownership

Ensures that specific individuals or departments are explicitly responsible for overseeing and implementing cyber resilience strategies.


Holds parties responsible for the outcomes of resilience measures.


Metrics & Measurement

Provide tangible means to assess the effectiveness of cyber resilience strategies.


Dedicated Budget For Cyber Resilience Initiatives

Necessary for the development, implementation, and maintenance of robust cybersecurity measures.


Specialized Team

Comprised of individuals with the requisite skills and knowledge to drive efforts forward.


Comprehensive Documentation

Policies, processes, and protocols related to cyber resilience is vital for maintaining clarity and consistency across the organization.



The ability to replicate successful strategies and processes ensures that the organization can maintain a high level of cyber resilience consistently over time.


Together, these characteristics form a solid foundation for a resilient cybersecurity posture, capable of adapting to and mitigating the risks in an ever-changing digital world.



John Mumford

President & Founder

Drawing on an accomplished career spanning over three decades in IT and Security, John Mumford established Fellsway Group in 2017, aiming to assist organizations in implementing effective cyber resilience strategies.

John is the key architect of Fellsway Group's methodology and approach for managing cyber risk as a critical business risk.

For more information on John’s background please see his LinkedIN bio here:

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Robert Bussey

Chief Information
Security Officer &
Lead Consultant

With over 25+ years of relevant experience, Robert Bussey is a seasoned cyber security expert, and pioneer in the cybersecurity field.

Robert enables business value by providing defensible and cost-effective cybersecurity risk management on behalf of Fellsway Group and its clients.

For more information on Robert’s background please see his LinkedIN bio here:

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Steve Leventhal

Chief Executive Officer

With over 23+ years of management, sales, and business development experience, Steve Leventhal is an accomplished leader in the cyber security and IT solutions industry.

As CEO, Steve plays a pivotal role in guiding Fellsway Group's strategic direction, driving go to market efforts, overseeing operational efficiency, and managing the organization’s financial health.

For more information on Steve’s background please see his LinkedIN bio here:

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Melissa Brenner

Vice President,
Service & Solution

Melissa Brenner is a strategic business and technical leader with over 28 years in the M&A, technology, and professional services space.

As Vice President of Service and Solution Delivery, Melissa is instrumental in overseeing and refining the delivery of Fellsway Group's services and solutions, ensuring their consistent and dependable execution.

For more information on Melissa’s background please see her LinkedIN bio here:

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Sean Terry

Sales Director

Sean Terry is a seasoned technical industry sales professional.

As Sales Director, Sean spearheads the sales initiatives for Fellsway Group's cyber risk and security services and solutions, focusing on cultivating professional partnerships and providing direct client support.

For more information on Sean’s background please see his LinkedIN bio here:

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Makenzie Casey

GRC Analyst &
Project Coordinator

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity (Cum Laude) from the University of Tampa, Makenzie has quickly excelled in the dynamic and expanding field of cybersecurity.

In her role as a GRC Analyst and Project Coordinator, Makenzie is an integral part of Fellsway Group’s Service Delivery Management team.

For more information on Makenzie’s background please see her LinkedIN bio here:

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