• CISOs - Digitize Security Program Management and Get Off Spreadsheets

  • CIOs - Free Yourself Up to Focus on Architecting Your Company’s IT Transformation

  • CFOs - Quantify Cyber Risk as a Business Risk

  • COOs, CEOs, and Board Members - Get Clear Metrics for Business Resilience

  • Business Line Management - Define and Own Operational Risk

  • IT Management - Simplify Efforts to Right Size and Align Security Budgets

  • IT Contributors - Understand Your Value to Corporate Objectives

The Critical Problem

With business needs rapidly evolving and an increased reliance on technology for growth, organizations are accelerating digital initiatives to keep pace. Misalignment of organizational strategy and its required protections causes inefficiencies and increased risk exposure. Further compounding the problem, most mid-size (and many mid-market) companies lack the resources to hire dedicated security risk and compliance leadership to drive program effectiveness.



Fellsway Group helps organizations manage the complexity of cyber via Security Risk and Compliance-as-a-Service.  Our solution includes a proven cyber risk management methodology ("Pathway to Risk Intelligence"), security risk and compliance subject matter expertise, and an “As-a-Service” model that leverages a leading workflow management platform to digitize, automate, and facilitate program activity and reporting.

The Compelling Solution



Cyber risk is a complex problem, and one size does not fit all. Every business is unique, with its own strategy and tolerance for risk. Fellsway Group develops right-sized and business-aligned cyber risk strategies based on the context gathered to manage remediation efforts and mature programs to the desired future state.

Successful risk management requires an organizational risk culture. Cross-functional leadership needs to have a vested interest to mitigate the most common issues: lack of communication, siloed information, and buy-in.


This is where we help!

Risk Management is a Team Sport


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