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Services & Solutions to effectively
plan, build, and run your cyber program




Properly prepare efforts to enhance your cyber defenses, reduce risk,
enhance resilience, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards.


Program Maturity


Internal Security Posture


External Security Posture


Fellsway Group's 360⁰ Risk and Resilience Assessment provides a comprehensive, tactical, and strategic cyber program strategy

360 Cyber Risk and Resilience Assessment

Assess business process(es), business unit(s), or enterprise cyber risk.


Gain actionable insight to reduce risk to acceptable levels.

Risk Assessments

Assess and harmonize your organization's control efforts across standard frameworks including NIST, ISO, CIS, and SOC Type 1+2

Control Gap Assessments

Ensure processes, controls, and systems align with regulatory standards in preparation for an external audit

Compliance & Audit Readiness

Identify, analyze, and evaluate the risks associated with a data collection, process, store, or transmit data, particularly sensitive or personal data.

Data Program Assessment

Evaluate your cybersecurity posture against the Zero Trust security model

Zero Trust Assessment

Review and evaluate existing security tools and technologies to determine effectiveness, efficiency, and alignment with security needs and objectives

Security Tools Rationalization




Build the necessary capabilities and operational processes
required for a robust, repeatable, and resilient program.  

Establish the overall direction, scope, and goals of your cyber program

Program Strategy

Set the rules and guidelines for how your organization will handle cybersecurity

Policy Development

Identify, assess, and prioritize risks to your organization's operations

Risk Management

Ensure that your organization is adhering to relevant laws, regulations, and policies

Compliance Management

Identify and manage the assets that need protection, and assess their vulnerabilities

Asset & Vulnerability Management

Implement controls and security measures for networks, systems, and data

Network, System & Data Security 

Train employees based on their specific roles and the security practices they need to follow

Role-Based Training

Manage the risks associated with third-party vendors and service providers

Third-Party Risk Management

Continuously monitor for potential threats to quickly identify and respond to them

Threat Monitoring

Identify, manage, and resolve cybersecurity incidents

Incident Management

Effectively respond to and recover from cybersecurity breaches

Crisis Management & Incident Response (CMIR)

Build resiliency into digital processes to ensure critical functions can continue to operate under compromised circumstances.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)




 Leverage seasoned leadership and expertise to oversee
your cyber risk management activities. 


Metrics Measurement
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